Body Scubs

Thousands of tonnes of plastic microbeads from products such as exfoliating face and body scrubs and toothpastes wash into the sea every year, where they harm wildlife and can ultimately be eaten by people. The huge problem of plastic pollution choking the oceans has gained a high profile with recent revelations that there are five trillion pieces of plastic floating in the world’s seas and that the debris has reached the most remote parts of the oceans, Microbeads are a small but significant part of this which campaigners argued was the easiest to prevent and have now been banned.

After the ban, which I was grateful for, I have found it challenging to find a body scrub that does the job. These are my homemade body scrubs for sale that I have made. It started as an experiment and the results were so fantastic that I decided to make and sell them. I have dark, thick hair and ingrown hairs from waxing can be a problem. This scrub not only rids my skin of ingrown hairs and dry flaky ski, it leaves it feeling smooth, hydrated and polished. Please get in contact on my contact page to order, they make great christmas gifts!

Lemon & Honey Body Scrub £5.00 Lavendar & Honey Body Scrub £5.00 Vanilla & Honey Body Scrub £5.00
Cinnamon & Vanilla Body Scrub £6.00 Coconut Face & Body Scrub £6.00 Chocolate Body Scrub £5.00